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I am very happy you made it to my page. This means you are interested in becoming more happy in your life – and in my opinion that is the most beautiful thing to do in our lives. Let me tell you a little bit more about myself and my personal story and let me take you on your journey to find out who you really are and how you can become happy with the life you live!

Not only in my own life but also in over twenty years of being a psychologist, consultant and coach working with clients on their stories I realized that at one point in life it always comes down to a few very important questions:

Who am I?
What do I really want in life?
What is making me happy?
How can I get there?

The answer to these questions is really simple: You! Yes, it’s true, it is all inside of yourself! The tough work is to dig the gold out of the mud. Many clients come to me to get help to find out. We live in a world to compare ourselves with others and rather pushing us constantly to act and do what others expect from us than to feel inside, be true to ourselves and look for what we want. That’s why I came up with this program: To support people to start recognizing their true desires and become more happy. And I love to see how people start blossoming and becoming more and more happy with each step they make!

I must admit it wasn’t an easy path for me to get here. And this is not the right space to share all the reasons and stories about it to you –  it would fill a book….but you can read about a few of them in my personal stories in my blog. What I can say in general is, that it was a lot of work to get where I am today. The same time this also was the hardest lesson for me to take. That if you want to become happy you have to work for it. You have to face your biggest fears, get out of your comfort zone, let go of people and memories, and never never never give up. You have to be disciplined and make a plan and follow it consequently. And believe me, my whole life I always quit when someone asked me to follow discipline or do something to reach a specific goal. I always wanted to believe that if you want something and it is meant to be like that it will fall into your lap. Like the perfect man who is coming into your life on a white horse. Or the job you fall into because you are meant for it. And I kind of still believe in this. That things fall into place and that life is becoming THE life you want if you really believe in it. The secret is you have to do some work first. You have to really get to know yourself first, to find out what you really want in life and for yourself. To realize what your life purpose is.

Whenever you make excuses and do not follow your own intentions you will walk a loop in your life. Most of the loops you might not even realize, very often we go through different of those loops before we wake up and realize that everything is happening again and again – with every new partner, every new job, every new uncomfortable situation in our life.But when you have reached that point where you realize those loops and that it does not even make a difference with whom you are, this is the first step. This point will be the point of no return. You will understand that it is all about yourself. That you have to take responsibility for you own stuff if you want to change something about it. And you have to work.

But I also made the experience that this whole work is also a lot of joy. Because you suddenly realize how easy things become when you start to be true and sincere to and about yourself. It might be hard sometimes to let go or get out of your comfort zone. But the joy that will be the outcome of this experience is amazing. And if you finally love yourself more than what others expect or even what you yourself think what you need to do, when you finally love yourself more and allow yourself to just be who you are as perfectly imperfect as you are, you will feel joy and happiness about everything in your life. You don’t believe me? Well, what do you have to lose? Let’s give it a try! Let me help you work through your stuff to dig for that gold in the mud. I can promise you: There is nothing better than losing fear and worries and start living your life filled with joy and happiness and love.

I truly believe that the love we share comes from within. The feeling we want to have in our life has to radiate from our own energy in our core. We have to look inside first and love ourselves before we can love others and the life we live in. We truly have to start to love ourself more first.

So let me take you on a journey to find out who you really are, what you want in life to become happy with the life you have! I am more than grateful to share my experiences with you and support you on your personal path.

Thanks for joining.
See you in the next now!

Dannie Quilitzsch is a psychologist, consultant, medium and coach from Germany. For more than a decade she is working with organizations, startups, artists and single persons. She developed a series of projects, initiatives and companies herself before focusing on working with people as a consultant and coach. No matter what your personal story is or what is bothering you to make you want to change your life – you do not even have to share if you don’ t want – working with Dannie you will find your path to get closer to your goals and the happy life you are looking for step by step.

Diploma Psychology, Carl-von-Ossietzky University Oldenburg
Systemic Therapist, ptz Cormann Institute
Yin Yoga Teacher, Biff Mithoefer
Mediumship, Arthur Findley College, UK