We can drop into our hearts. We can connect with our soul, with each other, with our global family, with nature, with the universe. We can embrace all emotions including fear, insecurity and uncertainty and dissolve all disconnection and distortion to become still and indulge into the love energy of our hearts. And we can set up rituals and rhythms that support us in these shaky times.


As difficult the situation around the COVID-19 virus is for many of us who have to change their daily lives, loose jobs, have to cancel travels, stop being around your loved ones for a while, maybe even being sick at home and worrying about their wellbeing – there is also a lot in this situation we can use as an opportunity to create something new. For me for example offering more online services and courses, spreading the love and light, supporting others and connecting with our world family on a deeper level.


What is most important during these times is to stay in your heart, remain grounded, be kind to each other. We will get through this together. We will find solutions for everything this virus is bringing up for humanity. This is what we are made for and here for. Let’s unite and do it in a manner of love and connectedness. In the end we are all one and nothing happens without affecting each and everyone of us on some level. And it is already beautiful to see how the world community is commit to terms to support each other, work with each other and figure out how to get out of the storm with as few black eyes as possible.


What helps in those times of uncertainty and changes is rituals and rhythms. Most of the people who work as freelancers or have been unemployed at some point in their lives know what I am talking about – a specific discipline helps you get your stuff done, keep your head above water and your emotions calm. Think of children – they need their rituals and rhythms to have orientation in their daily life to stay calm and happy. It’s the same with us grown ups. The more we take care of a specific rhythm of going to bed and getting up, having our meals, activities, etc. the better we stay in our healthy happy body.


To pass this storm of changes and emotions that come with it I am offering daily meditations – for all of you but also for myself. One in the morning to start the day and one in the evening to close the day together. Coming together for these little meditations will help us stay in our rhythms, stay connected, develop a ritual where we calm our minds, raise our consciousness, drop into our heart and connect with each other.


You have different options to join:

1) Instagram: Tune in on my instagram profile dannieq, I till go live every morning 7AM and evening 9PM CET (central european time)

2) Online Video Call: Send me an email via dannie@loveyourselfmore.eu and you will get an invitation to a Zoom Call. You do not have to implement the application but can also enter as a guest.

3) I will put the Insta live and the Zoom Call online so you can even follow later if you can’t make it in time.


I am also open to answer questions or share inspirational practices with you how to get through this. Just sent your questions in the comments on my instagram https://www.instagram.com/dannieq/