How can I host a LOVE YOURSELF MORE workshop / retreat?


Welcome to the LOVE YOURSELF MORE universe, I am honored you are interested in hosting a workshop in your community.

Without people like you it would not be possible for me to spread the love and enable people to become more happy in their life. I am really thankful for all the hosts and co-teachers who are already part of the LOVE YOURSELF MORE family and can’t wait to see our community growing! Even if you do not feel like you can contribute something, I know already, that you can! So please read the introduction below and feel welcome to send me an email with your questions or concerned, I am sure we will find a solution.


How to be a host in 5 steps:

  • We look for a date that works for the both of us.
  • You look for a nice, clean, bright location for max 15 people.
  • You spread the word in your community, I will spread it in my channels.
  • We will host the workshop together:
  • The income less the costs will be devided 50:50 between you and me.


Workshop facts:

  • Timing: 9.30 AM – 6.00 PM
  • Minimum attendees: 8
  • Maximum attendees: 15
  • Fee: 79 Euro – 129 Euro (depending on city / country / costs)
  • Included: Workshop Material, Tee, Snacks


It really touches my heart that you are interested in doing this together and hope to talk to you soon to start planning. If you are interested, please send me an email to