Have you ever had a medialistic reading? Let me tell you, it is the most beautiful thing in the world.

As I am sitting in a café in East London, still in the process of coming back from a week of spiritualism and mediumship at the Arthur Findley College in Stansted I am still soaked up with this feeling of pure love inside of me. There are no words to describe how the high energy in the college makes your inner light shine and expand in a way that it cracks up even the thickest walls you might have built around your heart and soul during your life because of all the experiences you have made. There is no chance you will not be affected by the beauty of the other souls starting to shine in the most smooth and warmest gold you can imagine. Even the men with the biggest shoulders and people who seem very much holding themselves together all the time will at least have one moment in this week where their outer shall cracks open and their vulnarability is beeing seen in the most beautiful way.

This week was titled “The Power within”. I bet everybody is very curious what happens in a college that looks like Hogwarths where people practice to trust their abilitites to connect with the spiritual word. And I wish I could easily describe the process what is happening and how it is changing you while you are there. But I can’t. One of the students, who is an artist, described it in a very beautiful way in comparison to a piece of art she presented us on our last evening yesterday: It is not the form you paint nor the actual paint you draw on the paper but it is the inbetween the different forms and bits and pieces which make the painting come to alive. Our course organisor used another comparison – it is the moment inbetween the thoughts of your mind, the moments when you allow yourself to dive into the stillness, the silence before the idea pops up in your head, which is our own power, our soul, our inner light, that makes every single one of us who we are. And it is this inbetween we are looking for when we start this journey to look into ourselves. This is what makes us an individual and not comparable to somebody else. Which is exactly what we should do – stop comparing ourselves to others, stop searching for our purpose and our happiness in someone or something else but to look within to find the answers in the moments inbetween the thoughts.

The magic that is happening when you really allow yourself to crack open, to be vulnerable, to let others see your inner light is not possible to put in words. But what I can say is that you can feel it. Exactly, not because you see it – someone can stand in front of you and cry – but because you will feel when the person is really in pain or griev or when she is only pretending. You can actually feel the realness of the emotion when you let yourself be touched by another soul. If you allow yourself to be open. If you allow yourself to be vulnerable. Which is the hardest part. But it is worth it. Once you have found the space where you feel comfortable being touched, you can not only see the light in other people but also feel the joy inside yourself when the other soul is showing her existence. The nearest I can describe it in words is if you imagine the love you feel when you observe one soul touching another soul.

This exaclty is why we come to the college. To become a master in touching other souls with our soul. Well, to be even more confusing: We come to learn to be the medium for two souls touching each others souls. We offer to channel another soul and let a third person being touched by recognizing this soul.

If you have read this article until to this point you either like me very much or you are really curious in spiriutalism and mediumship and how it really works. I want to warn you. In the next lines you will find an opportunity to either become more involved on your personal journey or you will drop out because of your actual belief system. Don’t get me wrong. Both is very very very ok. You do not HAVE to become involved. I would be happy to inspire you to dive a bit deeper. But only yourself will know whether you are ready for it. Whether it is the right timing in your life. Because I can tell you from my own experiences: If you start to dive deeper in this journey there is no way back because it is such a magnificent experience. So I am prepared to loose some of my readers in the next lines but I am really ok with it. For all the others: Enjoy and welcome to the magic.

So what do I mean by a soul offering her own reflection to make a soul touch another soul? The most evidential way of doing it and also the traditional way how this is done in the SNU (The Spiritualists National Union) where the Arthur Findley College belongs to is to make a contact to your beloved ones in the spirit world. Yes, we are talking about dead people here. Not only dead people, but to begin with or as I mentioned before, to have the most evidential proof that there is continuous life, the most common way is to make a contact with a beloved one in the spiritual world for someone.

Let me be very honest with you here: Although in my deepest soul I probably have always believed in this, there was a time in my life and it is not long ago, that also myself thought people who are telling me they can make a contact to a dead person are crazy. No, honestly, I thought they are esoteric crazy people who just get energies sorted out in a wrong way and have a very flowery fantasy.

And until today I must admit: If I haven’t had the experience myself I would probably not believe it. True. So I can totally understand every single one of you who is now thinking “Well, finally Dannie became really crazy”. And I do not want to convince you. There is no reason in doing that. If you are curious enough or you have lost someone in the life you are yearning to be in contact again, you are cordially invited to send me a note for an appointment or come to one of my workshops to get to know me a little better and then talk to me afterwards. If you are not curious, you are happily invited to call me crazy.

So still, what is really happening in these readings or sittings where the medium is connecting to a beloved soul in the spirit world to bring a message to the sitter?

Mainly we open the gate to our own soul, we invite the spirit world to join us. We recognize the energy, we receive information and a wisdom that is spreading pure love. And what happens then is pure magic. For me personally it is also the most beautiful truth I have ever experienced. To feel the touch of another soul who is excited to come through to talk to one of her loved ones to give evidence to continuous life is an amazing feeling. To be the medium that is making healing available through the messages from the beloved ones or that is delivering advice for the path of unfolding the sitters soul is just wonderful.

And last but not least to feel and see how joyful the existence after the one on this planet will be is unbelievable extraordinary.

The medium does not only do it for the sitters who come to get a reading or sitting. This week again I could see myself how much each and everyone of the students have transformed in only a week. Which by the way feels like ages in the moment you leave the college again and step back into what we all call the real world. The realization of the continuous life and being able to literally feel the love and joy from the spirit world is something that will change you for a lifetime.

Once you have been touched by these souls there is no way back. You cannot not believe it anymore. Because it suddenly is a knowing. A knowing that there is more than this life. The ease that comes with this knowing is amazing, because your life, your path and the whole meaning about it becomes a new dimension. For me it opened up a whole new universe.

This experience is part of the reason why I am in such a huge transformation process myself. And I know it has only just began. The task in this past week was to look for “The Power within”. The outcome of it is to be open for your personal process, to be vulnerable, to let your soul shine and show the world who I really am. And yes, besides the joy and excitement this new universe brings to me I am also insecure about how it will change my life. I don’t want to pretend it is not worrying me how it might change how people look at me and some people might not want to work with me anymore because they are afraid. But there is no way back anymore.

I know I have to follow my heart. My soul. I have to be me. I want to be me. All of me. The whole truth. In every moment and every situation of my life.

So this is it. Welcome to my journey, I am happy to share it with you!