Lately when I was in England for another course at the Arthur Findley College we were asked to hold a presentation for 15 minutes. As this is usually no problem for me my dear teacher Bill knowing me pretty well told me he will give me my topic only a little while before, so I was not able to prepare anything or even make up my mind. The practice here should be that we would not talk from our mind and what we know about the topic or what experience we had made with it through our life, but to speak directly from our soul….

My teacher gave me the topic “The many aspects of self”.

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Have you ever had a medialistic reading? Let me tell you, it is the most beautiful thing in the world.

As I am sitting in a café in East London, still in the process of coming back from a week of spiritualism and mediumship at the Arthur Findley College in Stansted I am still soaked up with this feeling of pure love inside of me. There are no words to describe how the high energy in the college makes your inner light shine and expand in a way that it cracks up even the thickest walls you might have built around your heart and soul during your life because of all the experiences you have made.

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Today I quit my job. Well I told my bosses that I want to live my dream and wake up in a place where I can see the sun rise listening to the waves in the ocean. I want to have more time for the things I love and listen to my heart. I want to give myself the opportunity to follow my calling without being stuck in a commitment I cannot sincerely give. Anymore. Well, at least some time of the year. Let’s start with the beginning of 2018. I am gonna move to the West Coast for three months to start with and see where life is taking me from there.

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Today is Lunar Eclipse. In Leo. One who can explain the whole astrological meaning much much better than I is Chani Nicholas who gives a shout about how this lunar eclipse is helping us to persist in her latest online post here.

Reading her article and surfing through a few others made me think about the actual happening of a lunar ecplipse and how it is a symbol for what is going on in the world right now.

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Spätestens an Silvester beschäftigt sich doch jeder von uns damit, was er sich für das nächste Jahr vornimmt. Ob Vorsätze oder Ziele, die Zeit zwischen den Jahren mit dem Höhepunkt an Silvester ist für die allermeisten auch eine Zeit der Reflektion und Neuausrichtung auf das neue Jahr.


Latest on new years everybody is making her or his mind up about the resolutions for the upcoming year. Whether it is resolutions or even goals, the days between the years with the highlight on new years eve is for most of us a time of reflection and realignment for the following year.