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LOVE YOURSELF MORE is a coaching program directly addressing your heart. It is right for you when you want to love the life you live and even more love yourself. The program leads you smoothly and step by step to the life where you are living your inner truth and are finding your personal happiness. You can either book personal coaching sessions or participate in my workshops all around Europe. The online program is in the making, starting April 2017.


Love Yourself More is coming in four modules: The first is about recognizing yourself. Under the motto Find Your Inner Truth you will focus on your personal goals and especially how you want to feel in the different areas of your life.


The second step named Love Your Life will enable you to accept what is. You will realize how you can change whatever you want to change.


Cleanse Your Soul is the third step in which you will make yourself aware of what is serving to the life you wish to live and what is holding you back from it. What follows is like a spring cleaning: you will learn how to let go, clean and cleanse not only your body, mind and soul but also your surroundings to prepare for new adventours.


The last step Open Your Heart is about experiencing how to trust life and open up again, to embrace new opportunities leading to the life you love..